Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling baby bottles and breast pump equipment, or when handling breast milk transfer into storage containers. Remember to work over a freshly cleaned surface.

First Use
Before first use, it is recommended to submerge your Moooka Breast Pump in a pot of boiling water for at least 5 minutes, ensuring there are no trapped air bubbles and every surface of the pump is under water. Keep the pump in the pot of water and keep the pot covered until the pump is needed, to avoid exposure to germs between sterilizing and use.

Daily Use- After you have pumped
Always wash your Moooka thoroughly with soap and warm water after each use to remove any remaining breast milk. We recommended using a bottle brush to clean the inside of the pump as breast milk can have an oily texture, which may stick to the silicone material that the pump is made from. It is important to ensure the inside of the pump is completely clean to avoid growth of bacteria or microorganisms, which can contaminate the breast milk. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap residue after washing. It is safe to wash the Moooka in a dishwasher (face down on the top rack). The high temperatures that most dishwashers run at should remove any milk residue and kill most bacteria inside the pump.

Daily Use- Before you pump
It is recommended to sterilize the Moooka before each use, using either a commercial sterilizer or simply filling the Moooka with freshly boiled water, letting it stand for a few minutes and then emptying it out.
You may also submerge the Moooka in boiling water as explained in the “First Use” section above.
Commercial sterilizers include: microwave sterilizer, electronic sterilizer, or any other sterilizer fluid/cold water system. When using one of these please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
Always tightly seal the Moooka using the Moooka stopper after sterilizing and before use to ensure the inside of the pump remains sterile.

The silicone material of the Moooka may retain some heat after sterilizing. Use caution when handling the freshly sterilized pump and always check the temperature is safe to the touch before attaching it to the breast.