The Moooka is one of the most versatile pumps on the market!
Effective from day one with baby and throughout your breastfeeding journey
The BEST part about it – it is completely hands-free

Here is a guide on how to achieve the best and tightest suction when placing the Moooka on the breast

Once you have mastered the placement you will be able to apply it one-handed with just a squeeze

1. Peel back the Flange  (3)  to expose the surface of the neck  (4) .

2. Place the neck  (4)  onto your breast, with your nipple positioned in the middle of the neck opening (the nipple must be centered and not touching any of the neck sides).

3. While keeping the neck against your breast, squeeze the Main Body  (5)  of the pump to remove the air inside.

4. Keeping your grip on the pump not allowing any air back in, with your other hand pop the Flange back to original position (the edge of the Flange must make contact with your skin all the way around).

5. Release your grip on the pump. It should stay attached to your breast without being held against it.

6. After a few minutes the milk should be slowly flowing out your breast and into the pump. 

7. When the Moooka is approximately half full, it is recommended to remove the pump and decant the milk into a suitable milk storage container or bag. 

8. To detach the pump, simply break the suction by lifting any edge of the Flange which is against your breast skin. 

9. Re-attach as before and continue to pump until you have reached desired amount.

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