Totally Hands-free, the Moooka Silicone Breast Pump is an essential for every expectant mom!

Each pump now sold includes a Moooka stopper, which works as a plug fitting tightly into the neck of The Moooka to securely seal the opening. This keeps your breast milk safe from spilling out, or from outside germs getting in.

What makes the Moooka so great and such an important part of your breastfeeding journey?

Unlike other breast pumps The Moooka has successfully been used to extract colostrum (mom’s first milk straight after birth) from the breast. Other pumps are not used because of the many parts the milk travels through before reaching the collection container. With the Moooka, it is one piece and almost everything collected in the pump can be poured directly out.

Cup feeding
Mom’s are encouraged to not introduce a bottle before their breastfeeding is established with baby, as it may cause nipple confusion. The baby may prefer the bottle teat and reject the breast if they find it easier to suck milk out of a bottle. Cup feeding has therefore become very popular, where you pour breast milk from a cup directly onto baby’s tongue until they swallow. This exposes them only to a trickle of milk and mom’s breast, but no other teat. The Moooka as is can be used as a cup feeder, pouring freshly pumped breast milk directly into your newborns mouth, with the convenient pouring spout and soft silicone edge making it an even easier task.

Encouraging a good milk production
Babies don’t always get the hang of latching straight away, and if they are not latching properly and draining the breast sufficiently, your body’s milk production might not kick in. In the first few days with baby we encourage moms to use their Moooka for a few minutes on each breast after they have fed or attempted to feed their newborn. This will encourage your breasts to keep producing milk, and it will also help you gauge how much milk is being left behind by baby, so you can see if they are latching and drinking well. Breast production is supply and demand – the more you remove from the breast, the more it will produce at the next feed. So use your Moooka in the first few days in moderation.

It is common for moms to experience engorgement when their milk production kicks in, in the first few days after baby is born. Your body hasn’t yet established how much milk to produce per feed according to baby’s needs, so it produces all the milk it possibly can and this causes mom extreme discomfort. This does settle after the first few weeks with baby as your body learns how much to produce for baby’s specific needs, but before then the only cure for engorgement is to remove some milk from the breast. Best practice would be to get baby to feed and empty the breast as best they can, however a newborn may have difficulty latching to a very engorged breast (as it goes very hard). Let the Moooka help by attaching it for a few minutes to the engorged breast, drawing out just enough milk to soften the breast to the touch, then remove the Moooka and attempt to latch your baby. If your baby is very niggly waiting for their feed during this time, you now have milk in your hand in the Moooka, which you are able to feed them via cup feeding with the Moooka.

Frequent pumping without finding time to pump
One of the best uses of the Moooka is attaching it on the other breast while feeding baby on one side. You are already sitting down for the length of a feed with baby, why not pump another feed on the unused breast at the same time? You will be building a freezer stash in no time, without having to find the time to do so.

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