Moooka Milk Storage Bags (25 per box)


Moooka Milk Storage Bags

The perfect companion to The Moooka Breast Pump! These convenient bags are pre-sterilized and have a double zip lock top to securely store pumped milk while on the go, or for long term storage in your freezer without taking up tons of space.

25 Storage Bags per box

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– BPA free
– Durable zipper seal
– Self standing
– Easy sealing with ziplock
– Freezer safe
– Pre-sterilized
– Leak proof
– Storing up to 200ml
– FDA approved material used

– Pack dimension: L5.7 x W9.9 x H17.8cm
– Carton dimension: L7.7 x W7.7 x H17.5cm
– Material: Polyethylene

– Never defrost or heat breastmilk in the microwave
– Do not refreeze milk once it has been thawed
– Discard any leftover breastmilk
Warranty: For hygienic reasons they cannot be returned once opened.

Directions for use
– Wash hands before handling breastmilk and milk bags
– Open the milk bag (using easy tear notch) and carefully transfer the breastmilk
– Remove air from the milk bag prior to sealing with zip-lock
– Label the milk bag with name, date and time
– Store upright in the refrigerator or freezer

– Place the frozen breastmilk in the refrigerator to thaw
– For quicker defrosting, place into a warm bowl of water
– Warm the breastmilk until desired temperature is reached
– If milk fat has separated shake well before feeding

What’s in the box
25 x Moooka milk storage bags (each is pre-sterilized and sealed)