Try these tips if the Moooka doesn’t work straight away for you:

– Firstly, don’t give up after one unsuccessful try as some moms have success only on their second or third attempt using the Moooka, almost as though your body needs to get used to the strength of the silicone pump

– Double check you have the positioning correct as per the ‘How to Moooka’ instructions, and double check your nipple is centred into the Neck of the Moooka

– Apply a hot compress to the breast above the pump as heat aids in activating the let down

– Hand express a few drops before attaching the pump to ensure the let down has been encouraged

– Try using the Moooka straight after sterilizing, as sometimes the heat softens the silicone , making it more pliable, and this flexibility and warmth in the pump main body can encourage a tighter suction pocket to form

-Attach the Moooka as instructed, ensuring it is suctioned on, then squeeze and release the main body of the pump a few times without breaking the suction attachment to the breast, this can stimulate the nipple and encourage let down

If all else fails, contact us at or via facebook or our website and we will talk you through the steps to get the product working for you!